Visual Chatbot Builder

Drag and drop to build your omni-channel chatbot!

  • Send text, images, gif, video or anything based on what user wants!
  • Collect user data and set rules on different attributes.
  • Subscribe users to any flow to be triggered later.

Automation based on Natural Language Processing

Connect to your favourite NLP platform and set automation rules.

  • Connect with Wit by Facebook or Dialogflow by google.
  • Set automation rules based on the intents and entities.
  • Hide/Remove comments or push private reply based on NLP.

Inbuilt Database and Form

Automate conversations with chatbots on your existing Chat and Messaging channels in minutes!

  • Drag and drop to build your own data storing mechanism in Alice
  • Use Alice Labs' own database to store important data like form submissions, job requests etc.!
  • You can use Alice Labs' database as an inventory.

API Integration

Integrate complex APIs with your own backend to automate chatbots.

  • API integration helps to add complex flows.
  • Connect with any API of your choice.

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