You can checkout chatbots made with Alice

Recipe Bot

Recipe sharing with ingredients and details through video and text, subscription management, feedback on products, online product orders, multilingual support (Bangla, English and Banglish )and consumer support.

Author bot

Messenger bot for self publishing authors and writers assists readers to browse all products, directly order both paperback and kindle book editions from Amazon website, reading blog articles and send queries to author.

Sales Assistant

Browse different category products (e.g. men’s and women’s collection,accessories) with multilingual support, choose and order products, manage carts, track shipments and talk to customer care team through Giordano Myanmar bot.

Travel Pal

Demo bot on flight, tour, visa and offers search and customer support by conversing with users and extracting relevant information like departure,destination time, place etc.

E-ticket System

Browse movie schedule,watch movie trailer,know about upcoming movies,customer support, buy tickets,pay through Messenger.

Retailer bot

Intelligent digital demo bot,shopping assistant, cart management, product recommendation, sales and customer support automation.

Luxury Resort bot

Bot demo on communication platform for resort, instant replies, customer helpdesk, personalized experience, search room features, offers, resort amenities.

Food delivery bot

Messenger food ordering platform demo, digital menu, customizable food order from hundreds of restaurants and choices, automated order and track delivery.

Mamu Here!

Job hunter bot, set up own profile, upload CV, search for suitable job, save job,see details job requirements and company profile.

Fin bot

Financial products comparison and recommendation guide, KYC document uploads, get personalized quotes, multilingual support (Burmese Zawgyi and Unicode, English)

Restaurant Bot Demo

Table Reservation, Menu and offer availability check, Direct order through bot, User validation, Track order and many more!

Healthcare assistant bot

Demo bot features for book a doctor appointment by checking availability of doctors,call ambulances in emergency cases directly from Messenger.

Demo bot for government facilities

Direct emergency call from Messenger bot, feedback and complaints of government services, notices and application form fill ups

Childcare bot demo

Browse baby care products,offers and services,perceive baby care tips and tricks through bot chatting,participate in contests and quizzes!

Telecom operator services demo

Demo bot which allows choosing appropriate services,knowing details and usages of your services,connecting with agent from Messenger

Future of banking

Demo chat bot for visa card request,authenticated mobile recharge,bank service browsing in details

Bot Solution for Internet Problems

Internet service provider demo bot for browsing packages,services and offers directly from Messenger, FAQ, feedback, thousands of user queries and complain automation.

Aunty Shwe Mi

Knorr Myanmar presents Aunty Shwe Mi who help you to cook with exquisite recipes. Get all the information about Knorr with tasty recipes through her!

The Penthouse

First generation of industrial chic, skybar bistro with a breathtaking views of Shwedagon Pagoda and sunsets over Yangon. Helps you reserve your seat and know all the upcoming events.

Tasty Tibet

Tasty Tibet brings you the authentic taste of Tibetan momos in seven different tantalizing flavors including two secret and exotic sauces. It's Momo Time! You can see menu and order food directly!