Ticket Purchase through Messenger

Star Cineplex is the highest-value entertainment provider in Bangladesh with integrity & professionalism in every step. They wanted to serve customer demand for tickets through conversational interface.

Star Cineplex


Star Cineplex was determined to deliver a digital customer experience. But users were not interested to buy ticket by website navigation or downloading app. Customer Service team often feels difficulties to reply back to plethora of user messages and post comments. Users were not able to know authenticated information of new movie release, contest and other necessary updates.

Our Solution

ALICE has built successful movie ticket reservation system through Messenger. Within 2 months of bot integration Cineplex has experienced incredible sales growth.
Users are now able to see movie trailer directly from Messenger. Both currently showing and upcoming movie details are shown through Messenger.
User retention has increased through instant customer interaction and personalized content sharing from ALICE dashboard.


Ticket sales increased by 36% with more than a million dollar worth ticket sales till now.