Increased Sales through Instant Communication

Giordano Myanmar is now one of the world's leading international retailers of apparel and accessories. They wanted to attract customers with an automated Personal shopping assistant...

Giordano MM


Giordano was not able to properly utilize social media platforms. E-marketing through website was not available for the users. It was difficult for customers to know about updated details and pricing of available products. Through facebook post updates only, it was almost impossible for Giordano to capture leads. Disorganized info of users from various social channels were useless almost as they could not use these for campaign properly.

Our Solution

ALICE has integrated online shopping platform for Giordano through which consumers easily can browse and purchase product directly through Messenger.
Multilingual support( English, Burmese Zawgyi and Unicode), ability to understand queries and reply from FAQ, longer conversations handling have ensured efficient customer management through the bot.
Giordano can now frequently push promotional contents in Messenger through ALICE dashboard.


26% increased sales, 3x user retention and marketing cost reduced by 27%