Conversational Commerce

Parmeeda is an e-commerce in Bangladesh that maintains a traceable supply chain for agricultural commodity. They wanted a simplified customer experience and provide enhanced marketing strategy.



Powerful Concept of healthy eating and other unique concepts could not be promoted due to poor user interaction in Parmeeda website and Facebook Page. Poor customer query management was an obstacle for Parmeeda to provide good customer experience. Users were curious about knowing about Parmeeda products and buy through Facebook.

Our Solution

ALICE has built a conversational sales agent for Parmeeda which can handle complex interactions with customers through automated conversation. Users are now able to see available food items and directly purchase through Messenger.
ALICE is able to fetch Parmeeda users from FB post comments to Messenger inbox.
Parmeeda regularly broadcasts through ALICE dashboard and reaches their consumers personally which ensures user retention.


Parmeeda's sales increased by 20%