Branding through Sharing Recipe

Knorr Bangladesh is Unilever’s one of the biggest global brand which is available in Bangladesh. They wanted integration of an ecommerce assistant chatbot for Knorr Bangladesh to enhance customer experience.

Unilever Bangladesh


Consumers of Bangladesh were dissatisfied with this leading brand as they could not properly know about product details from FB page. Due to massive engagement in Facebook Posts and inboxes, customer management team failed to reply back to consumers efficiently. Users were interested to know about food preparation through Messenger.

Our Solution

ALICE has developed a complete customer experience management experience for Knorr Bangladesh by being integrated with their Facebook Page which automates over 75% of customer requests.
Through quick reply button, consumers easily can get knowledges about Knorr’s all products.
ALICE has a CMS which enables recipe sharing in both textual format and video through Messenger.
Within 6 months of bot integration Knorr has experienced increased user engagement.


User interaction increased by 10x with 92% user satisfaction rate.