Customers stay connected, from the moment they reach out to product delivery!

Personalized communication tools to improve your marketing conversions and customer experiences.

Better deliveries
Better deliveries
Order notifications are now automatically recorded and presented, leading to more successful deliveries. You will also get automatic confirmations that your customers are home to receive packages.
More conversions
More conversions
Respond faster, speak human and make sale conversations higher with our Inbox and Flow Builder platforms. People like the feeling of personal attention, which you can now offer.
Communicate with all through ONE inbox
Communicate with all through ONE inbox
Enable customers to order on the most popular, easiest to use channels like Viber, Messenger, SMS, and more. All those messages will flow into one place for you.

KYC, much better than before

Full customer history
Know the context of every conversation as the full history of every customer will be in your hands. Allowing you to deliver more personal and effective customer support.
Status report for every customer
Personalized offer, refunds, and discounts could be provided upon the status of each customer before purchase. Support teams can take action using one software, inbox and dashboard.
Automated support
With zero manual effort, build a chatbot which can reflect to FAQ and issues instantly. Cut down on human resources and remain assured that common problems get resolved automatically.

Customers stay in the loop

Bot updates
Increase transparency with customers using messaging bots. They will answer common queries about delivery status and where orders are and/or estimated delivery time.
Bringing the shopping experience closer to home
Make automated order updates which will be sent to customers on channels they prefer, not which is easier. These include content updates, notifications, offers, restock alerts etc. Customers can ask for updates as well.
Customers shall know when a package has arrived or has been delivered while they are away. On the messaging platforms they prefer to use like Viber, Messenger and much more!

Deliver deliveries like a dream!

Customer locator
The system will let you know the recipient of your package is home or at the place of delivery before starting out.
Bringing the delivery team closer to the customer
The dispatch team from your end will have an open channel of communications with the end-customer, without breaching their privacy or security. Win-win.
Real-time updates
Customers can share information like preferred drop off times, changes in location, and more to facilitate successful deliveries. Even if last minute!

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