Old practices, modern channels.

Stay connected to patients and foster closer doctor-patient relationships with our omnichannel support.

Communicate through ONE inbox
Communicate through ONE inbox
Enable patients to talk to healthcare professionals on the most popular, easiest to use channels like Viber, Messenger, SMS, and more.
Full patient history
Full patient history
Know the context of every diagnosis as the full history of every patient will be in your hands. Allowing you to deliver more knowledgeable and effective healthcare support.
Solve common problems
Solve common problems
Get chatbots which can easily and quickly answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) like office hours and appointment setting.

Let doctors do more, with less

Omnichannel diagnosis
Minimise time, money and risk by handling patients on channels which they are used to. Let them send in images, videos and audio clips without the need for physical chamber sessions.
Control time on each patient
Keeping diagnosis as short, message-based interactions can quickly put patients at ease. As it applies the human touch which they crave beyond accuracy. This also frees up time for doctors to focus on more complicated cases.
Handle common emergencies
Use chatbots to answer common questions and create personally-impacting conversations. For example, you could let a customer know medicinal doses and replacements when they ask.
Keep things private and safe
Ensure patient information stays private and secured with two-factor authentications and end-to-end encryptions in some channels. This confirms their identity and transaction records through their preferred channels.

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