Keep communications fresh & delicious

Simple really. Bring your food, drinks and offers on every channel to reach more customers. They’ll always be hungry.

Solve common problems
Solve common problems
Get chatbots which can easily and quickly answer frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Confirm customer orders
Confirm customer orders
Get and send automated updates and offers of customer purchases on any channel they prefer.
Recover interested customers
Recover interested customers
Remind customers who have almost ordered on their shopping carts but did not buy.

Making every customer feel special

Communicate through ONE inbox
Enable clients to talk to communicate on the most popular, easiest to use channels like Viber, Messenger, SMS, and more.
Click-and-buy ads
Engage customers knowing their history, and showing them food ads based on their purchasing patterns. On messaging platforms in which they are most active! Not just using social media posts. Run limited-time offers too.
Bookings and reservations
Let the system automatically handle booking requests, changes in orders and plans, and even cancellations. You simply act accordingly. Notifications shall be sent to you, no worries!

Keep no customer unfed

Instant gratification
Time-consuming labour such as responding manually to each customer on menu items can now become obsolete. Let the bot handle common queries and order-taking.
Less things to go wrong
With zero manual effort, build a chatbot which can reflect to FAQ and issues instantly. Cut down on human resources and remain assured that common problems get resolved automatically.
Making responses tasty
Use chatbots to answer common questions and create personally-impacting conversations. For example, you could let a customer know the Chef’s Specials for the day.

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