Keep customers connected, happily so!

Personalized customer communications, improved professional relationships, and systematic support for you to keep things tidy.

Solve common problems
Solve common problems
Get chatbots which can easily and quickly answer frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Send meaningful updates
Send meaningful updates
Send automated updates of your product lines to clients, on any channel they prefer.
Communicate through ONE inbox
Communicate through ONE inbox
Enable clients to talk to communicate on the most popular, easiest to use channels like Viber, Messenger, SMS, and more.

Let your teams fly

Click-and-buy ads
Engage buyers knowing their history, and showing them product ads based on their purchasing patterns. On messaging platforms in which they are most active! Not just using social media posts. Run limited-time offers too!
Enlarge your marketing platforms
Social media is getting competitive, so go personal supply-based marketing automation. Send discounts and offers to promote business during off-months and high-sale periods.

Promote great professional relationships

Bring suppliers closer
Integrate our Flow Builder and Inbox to automate processes and minimize context switching. Support teams can take action using one software, inbox and dashboard.
Protect customer and employee Information
Protect employees’ and customers’ information with two-factor authentications and end-to-end encryptions in some channels.
Carry out effective surveys
Build surveys that automatically get sent to clients after purchase, or after visiting your website. Get instant and constant feedback on your products, services and shopping experience as a whole.

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