More customers! Less problems.

Capitalise Ai technology to increase revenue, simplify operations and satisfy every customer.

Recover interested customers
Recover interested customers
Remind customers who have stocked their shopping carts but did not buy.
Confirm customer orders
Confirm customer orders
Get and send automated updates of customer purchases on any channel they prefer
Solve common problems
Solve common problems
Get chatbots which can easily and quickly answer frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Pay attention to every customer

Engage with “almost” buyers
Connect to customers who have stopped halfway in the purchasing process with our automated, omnichannel messages. These can include gifts, discounts, and offers to re-engage shoppers and convince them of purchase.
Make shopping personal
Use chatbots to answer common questions and create personally-impacting conversations. For example, you could let a customer know an item is available again knowing he or she clicked on it before when it was sold out.
Click-and-buy ads
Engage customers by showing them product ads based on their purchasing patterns. On messaging platforms! Not just social media posts. Customers shall develop a relationship with your brand knowing you understand them.

Bring the shop closer to customers

Customer updates
Make automated order updates which will be sent to customers on channels they prefer, not which is easier. These include content updates, notifications, offers, restock alerts etc. Customers can ask for updates as well.
Carry out effective surveys
Build surveys that automatically get sent to customers after purchase, or after visiting your website. Get instant and constant feedback on your products, services and shopping experience as a whole.
Verify your orders
Ensure customer purchase intention through a simple but effective authentication process. This confirms their identity and a work order through preferred channels. .

Solve mass problems with an individual touch

Full customer history
Know the context of every conversation as the full history of every customer will be in your hands. Allowing you to deliver more personal and effective customer support.
Status report for every customer
Personalized offer, refunds, and discounts could be provided upon the status of each customer before purchase. Support teams can take action using one software, inbox and dashboard.
Automated support
With zero manual effort, build a chatbot which can reflect to FAQ and issues instantly. Cut down on human resources and remain assured that common problems get resolved automatically.

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