Build relationships, which last.

Stay connected to your clients and build secured relationships with our omnichannel support.

Solve common problems
Solve common problems
Get chatbots which can easily and quickly answer frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Send meaningful updates
Send meaningful updates
Send automated updates of customer account offers on any channel they prefer.
Recover interested customers
Recover interested customers
Remind clients who have started creating accounts but did not complete the process.

Protect client information

Verify and track all financial flows
Ensure customer information stays private and secured with two-factor authentications and end-to-end encryptions in some channels. This confirms their identity and transaction records through their preferred channels.
Make the process simpler
When someone files a claim or query, you can bring the process closer to them instead of waiting in a long line. Meet your clients on the communication channels that are easiest for them.
New world information sharing
Let clients send images, videos, locations, and more! Which they could not do on official channels before. This also means you can push ads to channels which they use regularly to offer new or relevant services to them.

Develop personal relationships

Full context from every channel
Know the context of every conversation as the full history of every customer will be in your hands. Allowing you to deliver more personal and effective customer support.
Swift problem-solving
Our Flow Builder and Inbox shall automate conversation flows that can automatically connect clients to the information they're looking for. You don’t need to barge in.
Automated support
With zero manual effort, build a chatbot which can reflect to FAQ and issues instantly. Cut down on human resources and remain assured that common problems get resolved automatically.

Personalize banking communication

Remind clients of offers
Connect to customers regarding new offers and third-party deals with our automated, omnichannel messages. These can include gifts, discounts, and offers to re-engage shoppers and convince them of purchase.
Softly remind them of payments
Make automated, timely deposit reminders which will be sent to customers on channels they actively use, not which they ignore. Customers can ask for updates as well.
Handle common emergencies
Use chatbots to answer common questions and create personally-impacting conversations. For example, you could let a customer know their bank balance or nearest ATM by pulling their current location.

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