Using chatbots for business success

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  • March 6, 2020
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Alice AI NLP

 What are chatbots?


Let’s begin with basics. A chatbot is a computer program, powered by artificial intelligence. It is designed to replace and resemble human conversations on chat applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Slack etc.


Why do you need them?


Being present, any time, everywhere


You may have your websites and social media accounts, but they’re really useful unless you respond to queries in real time. Since most customers are comfortable with apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc., chatbots help you be active on these popular platforms constantly and consistently.


Increases efficiency

Humans responses to queries tend to be slower, and bounded to certain times of each day. Plus, hiring a person solely to handle such queries are truly expensive. Chatbots allows you to carry out everyday tasks like sales queries and customer interactions on social media and messaging applications etc, without the need to employ new people. You can reduce your human resource costs while increasing overall efficiency.


Greater customer engagement

You can respond 24/7 without the need for human supervision! This will not only make customer service your strength but also drive sales on social media platforms as every client is properly responded to. It allows you to pre-set and control the experience your service provides.


Monitor and gain data

As your demand grows, and more and more queries come flooding into your inboxes, chatbots automatically become your strength! It will give you the advantage of instant service, as well as collect valuable data on your customers to make more effective campaigns in the future.


Who uses them?


A variety of different chatbot platforms are being used today by multinational companies who sell globally recognized brands throughout the world. They are also used by SMEs and local companies as they need cost effective solutions to serve their clients better. But how?


Below you will find specific cases related to Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Telecom of how Alice has already helped and is helping to make a difference.



Improve patient and staff experience in your hospitals

1.     Schedule appointments for patients

2.     Collect feedback from patients

3.     Provide consultation to patients before surgeries

4.     Optimize internal process like medical coding and more



Provide a personal 24/7 insurance assistant for clients

1.     Check your client’s claims status

2.     Update their policies

3.     Buy new insurance policies for clients

4.     Add new payment info for clients

5.     Change address of clients and more


Provide a personal 24/7 banking assistant for clients

1.     Change client’s address

2.     Order  a new credit card for clients

3.     Check the balance of clients

4.     Buy a short-term loan for clients

5.     Inform clients about their pension plans and more


Provide a personal 24/7 telecom assistant for clients

1.     Help clients pay their bills

2.     Buy upgrades and extra services for clients

3.     Give information to clients about latest offers

4.     Update the account information of clients

5.     Report and solve technical issues a client might face and more


The possibilities of an Artificial Intelligence powered chatbot like Alice is endless. They not only help you understand your customers better for example their preferences (like color, taste, shopping habits) but will also increase sales through timely customer service!


Satisfy your clients. At the right places. At the right time. With Alice.