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  • Jan. 26, 2020
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One of the big trends in marketing for any ‘Business to Consumers’ business model is capturing your audiences from your Social Media Channels. Live streaming video, regular social media post updates, boosting contents or simply sharing your contents in public groups, you may have applied all of the techniques mentioned to increase user interaction in your business page.

But what about being more proactive? Isn’t it cool to share your magnetic contents with thousands or even can be millions of your audiences with a single click? And what about scheduling your broadcast which will enable your message to be auto pushed timely without your presence? Also won’t you love the idea if you get a chance to segment your customers and can redirect personalized messages?

All these refer to using ALICE, a complete customer management tool, for your business to host broadcasts on your Facebook and other Social Media Channels.

Make sure you have chosen right message for your audience

Know which message is for whom and send it accordingly. Target your audience and bring them under proper groups. Through ALICE dashboard you will be able to do segmentation of your consumers additionally with reachable users quantity. Assume you have an exciting offer which is applicable for young professionals only. You can make a group based on age and push appropriate content to them only. If you are trying to reach an user group who has shared contact details through social platform, you can do so also!

Segment Your Users according to your preferences using ALICE dashboard

You will get so many options and flexibility to perfectly knock your customer through ALICE. We know that relevance in push message strategy is your highest priority to avoid spamming in your user’s eyes and so we are giving you this cool option of ‘segmentation’.

Optimize personal interaction

Use a CTA button with your message which can work best for your target audience. ALICE makes sure that you can present your content with an appealing view by enabling a ‘link’ share which can redirect your users to give a deeper look in your business. ALICE supports long or short text along with image attachment. You may grab users attention through suitable images instead of long boring text areas.

Push messages to your customers for personalized marketing

Besides, your single message can bring you 10x interaction because ALICE gives your audience chance to share it directly with his folk.

Don’t worry regarding your broadcast timing strategy

Your customer care team doesn’t need to have a sleepless night to maintain your broadcast. ALICE is intelligent enough to ensure you about the peak interaction hour for your business pages. You just have to select your most preferable timing and push your message. It will be automatically updated.

If you are worried about your international clients then let me notify you that a single content broadcast can be categorized for different time zones and can be pushed in appropriate times for different territories.

Track demographics automatically to make the best use

You don’t have to search for plethora of Facebook marketing tools any more! ALICE is your single solution to give your audience insights after a broadcast. You will observe user growth rate, conversation increase frequency, retention rate and many more necessary metrics from our provided dashboard. By analyzing this traction, you will be able to know your audience closely and come up with more creative opportunities further.

I know you have another issue! The fact that who is going to attend user’s individual responses after a single broadcast (which may sum up to more than thousands responses) is still bothering you! Solution is ALICE itself; A chatbot which ensures instant reply to each of your user’s respond.

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