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  • Jan. 26, 2020
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Alice Author Bot Chatbot Bots
In today’s modern age, the functional process of reader’s reading habits and purchasing books are completely changed. They are more dependent on Social Media and e-commerce. So the publishing industry is also onboard with social media according to these increasing needs!

Author Introduction:

Mr. Siegfried Silverman is a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA, Executive MBA & MSc (Microfinance)), and has a penchant for writing exquisite business books and blogs in accounting, management and personal development.

Like all other authors, he was facing the following problems:

  1. Less interactions in Facebook Messenger, news feed posts and blog posts in his Facebook Business Page
  2. Disorganized product/book contents and articles in Facebook page
  3. Did not have seamless conversation with readers

How we solved the problems:

Our product ALICE, an AI enabled conversational assistant is deployed on both of Facebook Page and Wordpress Blog websites of Siegfried Silverman.

Our Solution:

  1. Seamless Media Integration ( Facebook Page, blog website and Viber which is coming soon )
  2. Contents are organized and can be browsed through Messenger
  3. Readers are able to go directly to the purchase link of Amazon from Messenger
  4. Readers are able to read blog posts from Messenger
  5. Direct broadcast of contents to users inbox (Messenger) who have previously messaged on Facebook Page
  6. Contact directly via Messenger. Author can resolve reader queries from dashboard.

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