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  • March 6, 2020
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Study Case

Knorr had a problem. The Unilever giant sells a variety of instant food items like Knorr soups, Knorr instant noodles, Knorr coating and Batter Mixes, Knorr Cubes, etc. The issue came in the form of customers not being able to get adequate information on their delicious offerings. Responses on social platforms were delayed, and recipes to prepare various dishes were difficult to share manually. Each day. Every week.


So let’s break the issues down:

1.     Dissatisfied consumers as they could not get proper product information through Facebook Page of Knorr Bangladesh.

2.     Massive engagement in Facebook posts and inboxes resulting in failure of customer management team to reply back to every client efficiently.

3.     Unable to inform clients about food preparation or share recipes through messenger.

What did Alice do?


We built them a chatbot using Artificial Intelligence, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). Alice is a multi-purpose chatbot, capable of sales promotion, advisory, survey, social listening, and customer service, through seamless integration with multiple social media and chat channels like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.


Overnight, with our complete customer experience management solution, 75% of customer requests became automated.

Moreover, our CMS enabled Knorr to share their recipes and sell their products through Facebook Messenger in both text and video formats.


The results?


Knorr Bangladesh saw an increase in user retention rate of 23.8%! There was also an increase in sales volume. Clients felt more satisfied and happy to be able to share and receive personal content and food recipes through Facebook Messenger. It’s the platform they were used to.


People are now also able to directly purchase a variety of products through Facebook Messenger as well.


Using Alice, user interaction skyrocketed 10x times! So did automated replies, with a 92% increase in their user satisfaction rate.


According to Farhana Mahfuz Dinar, CEC Country Lead, Unilever Bangladesh, “ALICE’s super flexible and advanced platform ensures that different Unilever brands can engage with the consumers and understand their behavior in the social media and digital space.”


Your turn.

We understand your customers expect superior experiences over time. Alice can do the same for your business if not even better. Reduce your costs and use of time with automated responses to client queries online. What are you waiting for?