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  • Jan. 26, 2020
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Majority of consumers are interested to interact with a business via messaging apps rather than any other mode of communication & 57% of them prefer chatbots for their instantaneity.

ALICE is a completely Artificial Intelligence enabled business solution to serve variety of different purposes in a sophisticated approach. It can be deployed on different social media platforms, in particular Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Twitter as well as on websites. Alice has been already helping several prominent companies both in nationally and globally to reach the target audiences to ensure a better consumer experience.

In today’s modern world automated conversions are dealt as an effective way of marketing. ALICE can bring customised marketing strategies to meet individual business motives. You can consider it as a marketing assistant via chat.

Better Engagement, Better Marketing

Engagement rate is proportional to the response rate from a business. Because a marketing approach, how much profitable idea it consists, does not make any sense if it can not establish user interaction appropriately. However, ALICE ensures instant interaction which is the key to a better user engagement.

One-to-One Sales Approach

direct purchase through ALICE

Who doesn’t prefer a purchasing system which allows you to get the feel of chattering with a proficient sales agent being at home! ALICE not only embraces this charismatic technique but also authorizes payment automation by supporting renowned payment options to complete a consumer’s purchase experience.

Personalised Content Marketing

Broadcast ensures better engagement

ALICE allows your business to engage users through personalized content sharing. You can segment your users into distinct groups and share thumb stopping contents to grab the user attention. As consumers prefer personal interaction to news feed based public engagement, this organic approach to target audience organically by broadcast and push contents via Messaging apps ensures strong marketing. These contents can be automatically scheduled to send users and subsequent engagement will be tracked with auto generated analytics.

Follow-up Strategy

A follow-up scheme always works in business. Integrating ALICE with your business enables automatic follow-up through subscription management. ALICE is so intelligent that it can remark individual’s priority and interact accordingly. Through subscription management users can receive contents which can be undo by unsubscribe button. Your users will get the best flexible journey as to circumvent monotony and irrelevance, ‘skip’ or ‘back to menu’ strategies are combined to continue user engagement further.


As a consumer, if you are lost or stuck between plenty of choices, ALICE is the best assistant. You will feel like having conversation with your best friend who is there for you to understand your preferences the best and thus to recommend the best choice. Furthermore, ALICE depicts share-worthy features of a business in both textual and visual forms which also support user to compare and pick the most suitable required item.

Lead Capture and Increased User Retention Rate

Best feature ALICE provides for your business is quality lead generation by being able to convert conversation into conversions. It tracks down every user’s journey from being ‘get started’ from your business social media platform to purchase products. Flexibility in use establishes a positive comprehension among users to interact frequently and grants your business to get a better retention rate.

In conclusion, ALICE is a magnificent tool which is designed to be beneficial for both consumers and businesses. With regards to automated marketing over chat, ALICE is the leading creative strategy you can adapt for your enterprise to provide your customer better experience with your long term financial surplus. To get in touch, email us at