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Main challenge for your bank is customer doesn’t know about you properly. Due to hundreds of choices, you lack behind to make them interested to take your services . Poor customer service is the main reason for losing customers on the other hand. Of course it’s your priority to make sure that your customers won’t leave you. So instant user interaction and quick response time is the easiest yet most fruitful solution for bank industry.

ALICE is an artificial intelligence enabled conversational assistant which can assist banks in following ways:


Almost all banks maintain some sorts of social media account e.g. Facebook, Viber, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram through which both interested and existing users get connected. ALICE makes it easier for banking services as all social media engagements can be observed through one place, ‘one single dashboard’. Both news feed post comments or interactions and inboxes are shown using separate modules. All social media engagements can be viewed from a single page by just switching different media icon.


Due to poor performance from Customer Support team and changing customer needs internet banking and other digital banking services are expanding exponentially. Users want to get fastest possible replies and real-time interaction. ALICE offers 24/7 availability and able to interact instantly.If it can’t understand any of the customer queries, it can redirect the queries to a customer support agent.

Through this awesome feature ALICE is able to solve many issues related to customer management. Firstly banks won’t have to recruit too many operators. Secondly automated replies will make rapid interaction which was never possible through human agent’s involvement.

As ALICE is completely Artificial Intelligence enabled it can process numerous data within seconds and reply back with accurate answers. ALICE is able to answer customer’s queries using quick reply buttons. Besides it is trained to reply easy and frequently asked queries like ‘Tell me about nearest branch.” , “Do you have internet banking service?”, “Can you tell me about your available SME plans?”, “Am I eligible for platinum visa credit card?”

ALICE is also able to handle complex questions based on previous engagement, conversational flow and continuous bot training.


ALICE will play vital role in managing banking tasks. It can provide different services using quick and fixed replies. Some of possible tasks to do with ALICE are mentioned below:

  1. ATM or Branch Locator
  2. Account Information Management
  3. Information Share regarding: i) banking services e.g. agent Banking, SME Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking ii) products e.g. Debit and Credit Card, Loan Scheme, Fixed Deposit etc. iii) digital banking services e.g. internet banking
  4. Bank Account Openings
  5. Feedback Collector
  6. FAQ Management
ALICE: Chatbot Bank Demo

Following video demonstrates how ALICE can be effective for bank industry. We are open to customization according to client preferences. So any other feature can be integrated to provide better customer experience.


Integrating a bot with bank’s Social Media Channel will ensure better engagement. ALICE supports video, audio, text, emojis and ensures share-worthy contents via Messenger with bot web and mobile friendly views. Through a single dashboard banks will be able to broadcast contents with a single click to all of its users in the Messenger inbox.

Is banking industry your concern? Or are you interested to know more about ALICE?

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