Conversational AI for Business

AI to serve your customer, anywhere!

Build your intelligent assistant to and connect it in any of the messaging channels!

Trusted by over 100+ of enterprises of the world

Increase sales

Alice can increase your sales upto 30% with the help of AI based chatbots!

Reduce Cost

Reduce customer care team cost by upto 50% by integrating Alice in different customer touch points!

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve customer experience and your CSAT score upto 25% with Alice!

Build a chatbot in minutes without any coding

Automate conversations with chatbots on your existing Chat and Messaging channels in minutes!

  • Use Alice Labs own database to store important data like form submissions, job requests etc.!
  • Effortless API integration assures deployment of bot with your business social media account fastest and easiest.
  • Bot built-in analytics from dashboard include real-time data on user engagements to illustrate the performance of your business.

Connect your chatbot to any messaging channels

Simple platform to build and manage a chatbot that solves more than 70% of inquiries with proactive, personalised content

  • Connect with any of your social media channels
  • Connect with Natural Language Processing backend
  • Transition between chatbots and agents effectively and seamlessly

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How Alice Labs has solved business problems through conversational AI.

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Throughout the last couple of years, Alice Labs has been featured nationally and internationally gaining reputation!